Thursday, October 31, 2013


Stressful days become the norm. Fantasies and photos airbrushed to “perfection” and presented as normal raise expectations to unrealistic levels. Pushed upon us are life goals that require immoral, unethical and even dangerous activities in pursuit of success and approval. This adds so much stress to life, increasing confusion and emotional disorientation. Life’s guiding principles slip aside effortlessly, viewed as barriers rather than the foundation upon which true success stands.
We can look at truth like this with a clinical efficiency condescendingly holding others to a near perfect standard for their lives. UNTIL, the stress really hits home dissecting our mind and heart. When those heightened expectations and unbearable burdens bring us low, we quickly dismiss the clinical approach as unreasonable, even impossible! Blame is thrown at everyone and everything around us in turn adding to the loneliness of the affliction.
Reality and truth lay somewhere in the middle where we strive to maintain uncompromising foundational truth, look at expectations with a godly vision and interact with grace, as we desire others graciously understand our plight. I know, how it feels; but you are not alone. God puts people in our lives that can encourage and help us hold fast and stay the course to the blessings of the Lord. He never leaves us and He never forsakes us. You and I drop our heads and begin focusing on the problems instead of looking to the Lord with thanksgiving for those God gave us for the journey. Thank you God, for the wonderful people you have put into my life. Help me Lord not to take them for granted.

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