Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Empowered Communication

Empowered communication requires listening without bias and speaking filtered by grace, truth and love. If I could only master this, my relationships would improve immeasurably!

“Listening” to verbal and non-verbal communication without jumping to conclusions, getting defensive or rushing ahead is the only way to discover the real felt needs of those in my life. Every time I lose focus, I lose the quality connection necessary for true understanding. I need to be willing to listen with understanding as my only goal.

With empowered positive communication as my objective, a speech filter becomes necessary. Filtering out the hurtful and abrasive without sacrificing the truth enables a good connection. When carried upon a conductor of love, the communication comes through clear and powerful.

O God, give me ears and heart that can listen without prejudice and lips that can cleanse my words with grace and truth and love!

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