Friday, January 17, 2014


Participation is at the heart of every good relationship. It is impossible to express real love and concern without participation. How can anyone ever feel the blessings of love without a genuine connection? This can take many forms and is necessary. Consider the “Good Samaritan” of Luke 10. The injured man realized no benefit because the Samaritan noticed his plight. It was when compassion carried help to the distressed man and participation rendered aid that the connection began making a difference.
Every relationship is different, yet, all require participation. Your child needs you to take some time to listen to her stories or celebrate his win in a game you don’t even understand. Your spouse needs to know they really do matter most to you by involvement in their life.
One day Jesus looked over Jerusalem, a city full of people that did not believe in Him and would eventually actively engage in His death, yet, filled with compassion not animosity or hidden hopes of evil for them, He wept over them and walked the road to redemption for them. That is LOVE expressed by participation.