Thursday, January 21, 2016

Dare to Inspire


Jesus is our greatest inspiration and guide. When we consider that He is Love and that He is also the All-powerful Creator it may seem surprising that He chose to lead and inspire us not only with words but by example. Jesus often voluntarily limited His actions and training to those things that we would be able to repeat. This way we would be able to follow in His footsteps as we win the lost, disciple the faithful and inspire another generation of the Children of God.

Jesus walked the dirty roads, rubbed shoulders with the lost and needy of that day. He ate and slept and worked as the common men did. He was the LORD God in the flesh that He might save us and inspire us to love others enough to reach out as He did. He taught the truth with everyday examples, lead the disciples through perilous times, even washed their feet as the perfect example of humble leadership.

May His life INSPIRE us to inspire others through humble, active, loving service.