Friday, March 9, 2018

Genuine Love

Saying “I love you” is easy but genuine love involves genuine commitment & dedication.
So focused upon indulgence (which is by its very definition selfish), genuine love has proven impossible to many. Genuine love is unconditional and sacrificial and “Covers a multitude of sins” 1Peter 4:8. Genuine love does not ask, “What’s in it for me.” It does naturally and willingly lift up another, offer hope and strive in other’s best interest.
Today, there is such a turning away from the True Love of God that standard teaching is to look out for number one, to get all you can get and experience all you can regardless of the cost to others. This teaching has even polluted the Church. The one group where anyone should be welcomed and genuinely loved, where hope and joy should abound. We are all, after all, just sinners saved by the genuine love of our gracious Savior. Let us reject worldly teaching and live in genuine love for all.

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