Friday, June 2, 2017


Why has complaining become so natural and acceptable today even among Christians? Believers are to be people of hope and grace born in the love and security of our Almighty Father where complaining shows an attitude of “in over our heads” and a spirit of hopelessness. What kind of testimony is that for a child of God? Although it is true that we all struggle sometimes with complaining we need to remind ourselves that it never pleases God.

Numbers 11:1-3 “And when the people complained, it displeased
the LORD: …& the fire of the LORD burnt among them, & consumed them…”

I believe that either the fire of God’s judgment or the consuming bitterness of a complaining spirit will consume a consistently complaining Believer. It is time we learn to trust God and live in hope.

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  1. Hello,
    Thank you for your blog. I need prayer, my wife is speaking to me at this moment and I am trying to read your blog and listen to her. I feel that she is always trying to communicate with me when I am busy and when I am idle, she will not communicate with me. Also, when I speak, she loves to cut me off and I love to listen to her. However, when I listen to her, she insists that I am not listening to her.

    We belong to a Baptist church in Clinton, Michigan. Bridge baptist church, it is a planted church from Southside Baptist tabernacle church in Ypsilanti. They just wrapped up their "camp Achor" meeting, which this was its 44th year.

    I love our church and I love Jesus Christ and I love my wife, however, there are times when we annoy each other.

    We are at the point where we finish eachother's sentences, however I become agitated when she finsishes mine. I think it is because I think my ideas are so unique that no one else can possibly think them. This last part I strongly feel the Holy Spirit unveiled this to me, allowing me to realize my self-superior-thinking, if you will.

    I ask for prayers that I will be able to be a better husband onto my wife and more patient.



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