Friday, July 8, 2016


The death of an innocent life at the hands of another is always extremely sad and entirely unnecessary. Whether that life be black or white, civilian or peace officer, an unborn child or an aged saint, life is a gift from God and should be respected and treasured. Such a loss is always enormous to those who are close or can identify in some significant way.
The difficulty begins with unique life experiences that cannot be expressed in a way that will allow the hearer to be changed and impacted to the same degree as the one experiencing it. The result is that you will never be able to truly comprehend the depth of the hurt, fear and pain of another. When commenting on something that has touched a person at one of those deep emotional wounds, you cannot even imagine how much your careless and thoughtless words can hurt and enrage. For example, those never suffering sexual abuse can ever really know the depth of the injury or the impact it has on every relationship for the rest of their life. Many have suffered great injustices because of their religious beliefs or their cultural background that you may think you understand yet, cannot truly know the toll that fear can take. In the same way, those who have never suffered from the very real racism that is rampant in our society cannot comprehend never feeling safe and secure in public.
It is critical then, that we as Believers in Jesus Christ always speak with compassion and consideration.
We are told to speak the TRUTH not opinionated commentary.
We are to do so with GRACE seeking to bless even the undeserving.
And to do it with LOVE, real heartfelt compassion and concern for every living soul.
Strive always to be the hands and lips of our loving God NOT the destructive and divisive ones of the great destroyer, Satan himself.
Love one another as God has loved you,

Jay Cubbison

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