Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Law Against Happiness

Unconditional love between a husband and wife or father and child can not depend on strict adherence to a set of rules. No one can be perfect, therefore, grace not law drives unconditional love. 
As believers we came to salvation in Christ Jesus by grace through faith. The trap we often fall into is to think that doing good things all the time will make us extremely happy. So we bind ourselves with restrictive rules and demand perfection until happiness is excluded. The source of our joy is in Christ not rules or perfection. When we focus on our relationship by grace to Christ we find joy. This joy opens the door to happiness, fulfillment and righteousness because it is no longer a matter of law but of love, no longer a restrictive rule but a loving response. Learning to love unconditionally by grace is the key.  And nothing makes us happier than experiencing unconditional love. And I above all men am blessed. 

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