Thursday, May 14, 2015



How much does life experience effect understanding and interpretation of words and events?
Someone abused from birth often sees things differently than one lovingly nurtured. A person who has nearly starved all their life likely interprets hardship stories differently. By our very nature, we default to self-centered explanations of cause and purpose in all that we see, read or hear. The Bible addresses this common problem of distortion in 2Peter 1:19-21. We are told to pay close attention to the light that is shining into our dark place because until His Holy Spirit reigns in our understanding we are given to “private interpretation”, egocentric analysis, self-centered distortions of what God has given for the benefit of many.
In life as in scripture, we often jump to personal application without even attempting to understand the truth that the situation is communicating. When we bypass the effort true understanding demands, the black hole of our own bias distorts our interpretation and leads us to jump to conclusions and reactions that are full of passion but lack compassion and concern. God intends his children to act in the love, grace and truth of God-centered, undistorted understanding.

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