Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Too Tired!

We all know that times can be so rough that even the young & strong faint & fall at times. Yet God defines a special group and promises strength to “they that wait upon the Lord!” We have all been there.
Often we ask:
·  Why is God’s not answering my prayers?
·  Why do I struggle so with this sin in my life?
·  Why can’t I seem to get out this depressed state I’m in? Why? Why? Why?
We know in our heart God is so amazing and yet here I sit with all these problems! I’m too tired, I can’t go on!
We like to wait FOR God to deliver for our own benefit!
God promises his strength to those waiting  UPON HIM! Serving for His benefit & glory!
Promising Renewed strength to:
Reach new heights.
Run the race to win!
Walk the walk & not faint or fall.
When we are tired, we must remember that renewal is found in serving our God not quitting; in serving others in His Name and for their benefit.
We can’t afford to lay down
 and quit now!

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