Friday, March 21, 2014


God, who never makes a mistake, created us different from one another. Those differences make each of us like the colors on an artist’s palette. Even though monochromatic pictures can be visually striking, they fail miserably at representing the splendor and variety of God’s creation.
Given an amazing opportunity to be the expression of the love and compassion of God we must learn to embrace our differences. To be right with God and properly express His love and compassion we need to know Him and learn to be content as the hue that God intended and to accept the hues of others, as they are in the beautiful picture God is painting.
Some of us work so hard at blurring the differences between us and those we like, while others do everything, they can to exaggerate the differences. Even if it is not our purpose, both end up closing a circle around us resulting in keeping most people out of our lives.
Either way the beauty of God’s work is marred because of our fears and insecurities. Faith in God and His Word will allow us to be grateful and excited that He has chosen to add our hue to His masterpiece.

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