Wednesday, May 8, 2013


There is nothing like a mother’s nurturing love. I realize that a great many in our society have not experienced this blessing. I am blessed with a loving, nurturing mother for whom I am grateful to the Lord. My sons also have known the unconditional sacrificial God-like mothering that will help them understand, in part at least, the mothering aspects of our amazing God.
I feel a great sorrow for the many around us that have not known that kind of love and therefore find it difficult to believe that God will love and nurture them. That He will not abandon them or discard them when they no longer suit His needs.
I know that mothering is not easy; it requires great sacrifice and a love that is impossible to explain. It must be experienced and thankfully can be shared.
We need to be thankful and focus on passing on the love God has given us through those that have mothered us.

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